“I have tried two classes this week, Zumba and Burlesque and have loved every second! After doing close to no exercise since having my baby a year ago I was very nervous about starting a class but I didn’t need to be. Everyone here is so friendly and there is a really relaxed and fun atmosphere with fab instructors! I’m searching the timetable now for more classes!”
Laura Ann
“Kate is a wonderful teacher, full of personality and commitment to her job and her clients. She has made me feel comfortable whilst working out and is very encouraging. I have now begun the pole course and can see already from the first class it will be a laugh whilst encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to reach their potential 🙂 xx”
Sinead Mary
“Love going to classes here is just so much fun. … who’d have thought exercising could be fun!”
Carly Snell
“LOVE hula hooping! !!! Yessssssssssss! Never find anything exercise related that I enjoy….plus I really got sweaty!!”
Ruth Fletcher
“Did my first Spin class tonight absolutely loved it. Going back next week. Kate’s a great instructor makes it fun and relaxed.”
Helen Bickerton
“Decided one day to have a go at rebound to see what it was like. Enjoyed it that much, within 2 weeks I was a member and attending up to 5 classes a week! Everyone is really friendly too so no need to worry about going on your own! Give it a go..”
Ashley Thomson
“Katie is a energetic and passionate person and this is reflected in her classes. She makes the classes fun and is a brilliant instructor. Katie brings new classes for people to try. I would recommend her classes to anyone 🙂 x”
Nicole Gregory
“I do Pound and Body Conditioning at Kates Classes and love every minute! Kate and Amanda are both lovely as well as being encouraging and motivating. The atmosphere is great, you never feel self concious or out of place an all the classes are interesting. Would highly recommend.”
Suzanne Naylor









Hi, I’m Katie!

We’ve all been there – joined a gym, gone for a few weeks and given up! The truth is, if you don’t enjoy yourself and your workout, you won’t stick to it. That’s why I offer fitness fun instead! 

From gentle Pilates to Powerhoop (hoola-hooping), Rebound (trampolining), Zumba, Yoga and studio cycling (with added disco lights, of course!), we have something for every age and ability.

Meet new friends, lose weight, tone up, get active or just feel happier and healthier! I promise that here at Kate’s Classes, you will be made to feel welcome and comfortable.

If you have any doubt whether Kate’s Classes is the right fit for you, please feel free to get in touch with me. 

I hope to hear from you soon!

Katie x x x


Lisa Yoga teacher
Lisa has been practising yoga for over 10 years after she found it was the perfect companion to her love of running and the gym – a great way to avoid injury!

Qualified to teach: Power Yoga/Hatha Yoga, Om the Ball (yoga on a gym ball), Aqua Yoga, Kid’s Yoga and Aerial Yoga in the hammock.

Lisa’s yoga classes are lots of fun and not your usual ‘yoga’ class. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner – everybody is welcome!

1-2-1 sessions are also available with Lisa – increase your flexibility quickly, sort out any injuries/niggles and build confidence!

PhilPersonal trainer and fitness instructor
Phil qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer after going through his own life-changing transformation.

After an incredible five stone weight loss, Phil found his passion for exercise and now loves to motivate and inspire others to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. He understands first-hand the struggle people face when trying to get (or stay) fit and healthy!

Phil’s Body Blitz classes are full of energy and fun!

AmandaFitness instructor
Amanda joined the world of fitness after 10 years in dance. Her love of dance-related fitness classes lead her to Zumba and she qualified as an instructor in 2014.

Amanda is known for her infectious love of movement and fitness. One thing is guaranteed in Amanda’s classes – you’ll work hard! But you’ll have a huge smile on your face whilst you’re doing it!

Amanda teaches: Piyo, Zumba, Group TRX and Strength and Tone Classes.

CarmelKettlercise Instructor
Carmel is a qualified and experienced physio therapist-come-fitness instructor!

Certified to teach Kettercise, Carmel’s group Kettlebell sessions here at Kate’s Classes are the perfect way to tone, build strength – and, of course – have fun!

KatieFitness instructor and owner
Since qualifying as a fitness instructor in 2011, Katie has been on a mission to show people just how fun fitness can be!

Katie is certified to teach the weirdest, most wonderful range of exercise classes and is always bringing new formats to the Kate’s Classes timetable to keep things fresh and interesting! You’ll never complain of being bored here!

Kate’s classes include: Powerhoop (hoola-hooping), Rebound (trampolining), Pole Fitness, Pound (fitness drumming), Zumba, Burlesque Fitness and Pilates.